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1 RCMS NUST, H-12 Campus

2 RCMS NUST, H-12 Campus

3 Department of Mechanical & Construction Engineering, Northumbria University, Newcastle, United Kingdom


The paper discusses the effect of compressor characteristic on surge phenomena in axial flow compressors. Specifically, the effect of nonlinearities on the compressor dynamics is analyzed. For this purpose, generalized multiple time scales method is used to parameterize equations in amplitude and frequency explicitly. The pure surge case of the famous Moore-Greitzer model is used as the basis of the study. The compressor characteristic used in the Moore-Greitzer model is generalized to evaluate the effect of the parameters involved. Subsequently, bifurcation theory is used to study the effect of nonlinear dynamics on surge behavior. It has been found that the system exhibits supercritical Hopf bifurcation under specific conditions in which surge manifests as limit cycle oscillations. Key parameters have been identified in the analytical solution which govern the nonlinear dynamic behavior and are responsible for the existence of limit cycle oscillations. Numerical simulations of the Moore-Greitzer model are carried out and are found in good agreement with the analytical solution

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Analysis of Generalized Compressor Characteristic on Surge Phenomena in Axial Compressors


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