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1 School of Mechanical Engineering, Arak University of Technology, Arak , Iran

2 The university University of Ayatollah ozma Boroujerdi at Iran


In This paper, a parametric study of compressor performances was performed by streamline curvature method (SLC). Effects of three input parameters in design process, e.g., number of blades, distribution of blade thickness, and blade sweep angels, on the main objective parameters in aerodynamic design, e.g., velocity distribution, efficiency and pressure ratio, has been investigated in the parametric study. Initially, a certain two stage axial compressor has been designed by SLC. Validation of the results is confirmed by comparing the obtained results with the experimental ones. Regarding various values for aforementioned input parameters, the first stage of the axial compressor is redesigned and the output parameter is established. Therefore, the sensitivity of the design results to each of the aforementioned parameters is recognized. Results show that increasing the blades sweep angle causes to improve the flow behavior such as efficiency and pressure ratio in axial fan and reducing it have a completely contrary result. Also, reducing the rotors blades number leads to an increase in the pressure ratio and efficiency while its increase cause to a contrary result. , it is concluded that reduction in the blades number has the stronger effect on the performance parameters than its increment. The results also show that effect of the thickness in the hub is greater than the thickness of the tip and its increase leads to reduce both efficiency and pressure ratio.

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Parametric study on axial compressor performance in design condition


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