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1 Department of Mathematics and Astronomy, University of Lucknow, India

2 university of lucknow


Unsteady flow with magneto-hydrodynamics and heat generation through porous medium past an impulsively started vertical plate with constant wall temperature and mass diffusion is considered here. The effect studied is a combination of Hall current and chemical reaction. The motivation behind this study is the applications of such kind of problems in industry. In many industrial applications electrically conducting fluid is subjected to magnetic field. The fluid is passed through porous medium. The flow may be on a plate. There may be substance on the plate which may cause chemical reaction. The solution of flow model studied here is obtained by using Laplace transform method. The respective profiles have been drawn for velocity. The numerical data have been obtained using latest software techniques available. The profiles have been analyzed and discussed. The values of Nusselt number, Sherwood number, and drag on plate have been tabulated for analysis. The findings have been summarized in conclusion section.

Graphical Abstract

Combined effect of hall current and chemical reaction on MHD flow through porous medium with heat generation past an impulsively started vertical plate with constant wall temperature and mass diffusion


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