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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kashan, Kashan, Iran


One of the methods for making prototypes is incremental forming process. In this method, the forming tool, performs a pre-programmed movement by the CNC machine and runs the desired path. This modernization process is used in the automotive, aerospace, military, medical and other industries. One of the most influential parameters in this process is forming tool. This parameter is effective in forming forces, surface roughness, sheet formability and thickness distribution. In this study, the forming tool was investigated and rotating geometry tool was compared with a rigid tool. Also, the effects of step down, feed rate and spindle speed were investigated on the forming force, surface roughness and thickness distribution by comparing mentioned forming tools. The results indicate that the forming forces, sheet surface quality and thickness changes increase with increasing step down and feed rate. Using the rotary tools improves the forming forces, surface roughness and thickness distribution rather than the non-rotating tool.

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Design and manufacture a novel tool in the incremental sheet metal forming process and its effects on the process parameters


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