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1 Future university in Egypt

2 Helwan University


This paper presents a practical implementation for a new formula of nonlinear PID (NPID) control. The purpose of the controller is to accurately trace a preselected position reference of one stage servomechanism system. The possibility of developing a transfer function model for experimental setup is elusive because of the lack of system data. So, the identified model has been developed via gathering experimental input/output data. The performance of the enhanced nonlinear PID (NPID) controller had been investigated by comparing it with linear PID controller. The harmony search (HS) tuning system had built to determine the optimum parameters for each control technique based on an effective objective function. The experimental outcomes and the simulation results show that the proposed NPID controller has minimum rise time and settling time through constant position reference test. Also, the NPID control is faster than the linear PID control by 40% in case of variable position reference test.

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LabVIEW implementation of an enhanced nonlinear PID controller based on harmony search for one-stage servomechanism system


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