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Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Manipal University, Rajasthan, India


The current article has investigated unsteady convective flow for MHD non-Newtonian Powell-Eyring fluid embedded porous medium over inclined permeable stretching sheet. We have pondered the thermophoresis parameter, chemical reaction, variable thermal conductivity, Brownian motion, variable heat source and variable thermal radiation in temperature and concentration profiles. Using similar transformation, the PDEs are converted by couple ODEs and solve by R–K–Fehlberg 4th–5th order method. The physical features of non-dimensional radiation parameter, non-Newtonian fluid parameters, suction /injection parameter, mass Grashof number porosity parameter,  temperature ratio parameter, thermal Grashof number, Biot number of temperature and Biot number of concentration have been analyzed by plotting the graphs of graphical representations of momentum, heat, and mass profiles.  ,  and have been analyzed. The transfer rate of temperature is decreased whereas the flow rate offluid grows with an enhancement in (K) and (Gr).The transfer rate of the temperature is distinctly boosted whereas the fluid flow rate is distinctly declined with an enhancement in (M) , (Kp).

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Unsteady convective flow for MHD powell-eyring fluid over inclined permeable surface


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