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1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jazan University, P. O. Box 706, Jazan 45142, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jazan University, Jazan , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


This paper proposes a combination of FRANC2D/L (2D crack growth simulation program) and ANSYS mechanical program (3D structural analysis for fracture mechanic analysis). The comparisons between the two software are performed for different case studies for stress intensity factors (SIFs) and crack growth trajectory. Crack growth is numerically simulated by a step-by-step 3D and 2D finite element method. The SIFs are calculated by using the displacement correlation technique. The procedure consists of computing SIFs, the crack growth path, stresses, and strain distributions via an incremental analysis of the crack extension, considering two and three-dimensional analysis. The finite element analysis for fatigue crack growth is performed for both software based on Paris's law, and the crack orientation is determined using maximum circumferential stress theory. The simulation results obtained in this study, using the finite element method, provide a good agreement with experimental results for all the case studies reviewed.

Graphical Abstract

Finite element simulation of crack growth path and stress intensity factors evaluation in linear elastic materials


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