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2 Department of Mech. Eng., MLR Institute of Technology, Telangana, India-500043

3 Department of Mech. Eng., JNTUH, Telangana, India-500085


The present paper considers the devise and development of a novel theory to examine the flexure analysis of exponentially graded plates exposed to thermal and mechanical loads. The properties such as elastic modulus and thermal modulus are assumed to vary exponentially along the thickness by keeping the poisson’s ratio constant.  This theory fulfills the nullity conditions on the upper and lower sides of the exponentially graded plates for transverse shear stress. Hamilton’s principle is used to derive the equation of motion. The present theory’s numerical results are assessed with three-dimensional elasticity solutions and the results of other authors available in the literature. The influence of thermomechanical loads, thickness ratios, and aspect ratios on the bending response of exponentially graded plates are studied in detail. The analytical formulations and solutions presented herein could provide engineers with the potential for the design and development of exponentially graded plates for advanced engineering applications.

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Bending of exponentially graded plates using new HSDT


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