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1 School of Engineering, Polytechnic of Porto (ISEP), Porto, 4249-015, Portugal

2 LAETA, School of Engineering, Polytechnic of Porto (ISEP), Porto, 4249-015, Portugal


This work presents a numerical approach to predict the influence of material stiffness in a dental implant using different thread profile shapes, always with a constant number of threads, thread width and thread pitch. Dental implant affects bone tissue, in response to various mechanical stimuli where the biomechanical behavior plays a significant role in the study of stress and strain calculation. In this work, four different thread profile shapes were considered (Model1 - Plateau typeA, Model2 - Plateau typeB, Model3 - Triangular, Model4 - Rectangular) with two different inner diameters equal to 4 and 6 mm, using three different implant materials (titanium, an iso-elastic titanium and zirconium alloys). Two dimensional computational axisymmetric models of a bone-implant were constructed using the finite element method. This study presents the numerical results about the mechanical stimuli on dental implant according to the chosen material and profile shape. The main contribution of this work is giving additional information about the stability and implant loosening with the application on surgical techniques in dental science. 

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Numerical analysis of the mechanical stimuli transferred from a dental implant to the bone


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