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Department of Mechanical Engineering, P.E.S College of Engineering, Mandya-571401


Traditional methods of finishing like grinding, lapping, and honing are limited to finishing of vital shapes such as flat and circular. These conventional methods are lagging for processing components that are fabricated by hard materials, involving complicated profiles in particular. Hence, it is essential to explore a finishing process, which addresses wide applications, better accuracy, higher efficiency, consistent quality and economy in finishing complex shaped parts. So, a new precision finishing process like extrusion honing has been implemented for polishing from several microns to the nano level. This work aims to assess the influence of a number of abrasive media passes on the surface integrity of aluminum, copper, and titanium grade-2 materials. The study has been performed by adopting an abrasive 36 mesh size with a concentration of 40% followed by 10 abrasive media passes. The influence of these process parameters has been studied in analyzing the roughness characteristics Ra, Rmax, Rz, and Rmax/Ra and the nature of surface induced by SEM characterization for the metals of consideration using the extrusion honing process.

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Surface finish characteristics of distinct materials using extrusion honing process


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