Document Type : Research Paper


Shahrekord University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shahrekord, Iran


This paper modeled heating air of a room through examining free convection in a 3D chamber. The chamber had cold and hot sources with Tc and Th temperatures, respectively. Its other walls were adiabatic. This study aimed at predicting effect of temperature difference, displacement of hot and cold sources and their aspect ratio on flow field, temperature and heat transfer rate. To conduct the study, mass conservation, momentum and energy equations were applied in laminar and 3D states while assuming fluid constant properties, except density, in the power of buoyancy (Boussinesq approximation). Final difference method (FDM) was used for numerical solution of the governing equations based on the volume control and SIMPLE algorithm. According to the modeling results, the most favorable temperature distribution in the chamber (room) was obtained when the heat source (radiator) was located on the wall under the cold source (window). Reducing the distance between the two sources would result in increasing heat transfer from the heating sources.


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