Document Type : Research Paper


Fracture Mechanics Research Laboratory, Department of Applied Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, P.O Box 19395-1999, Tehran, Iran


In this paper, three-dimensional modeling of the fatigue crack growth profiles was performed in a simple riveted lap joint. Simulation results showed that mode I was dominated on the one side of the plates and the crack straightly grew on this side, while the other side of the plates was in a mixed-mode condition and the crack propagation path was not straight on this side. Afterward, the fracture mechanics-based life prediction of the riveted lap joint was considered using EIFS concept. Back extrapolation method was used for estimating EIFS. Results demonstrated that EIFS would depend on loading amplitude if ΔK had been implemented in EIFS estimation using Paris equation. In contrast EIFS dependency on loading amplitude significantly reduced when using ΔJ in EIFS estimation. Finally, fatigue life of the riveted lap joint was predicted based on safe life method using Brown-Miller critical plane criterion. Results represented that the predicted life using fracture mechanics concept was much closer to the experimental results.


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