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Directorate of Post-graduate Studies, Mehran University of Engg;&Tech; Jamshoro(Pakistan)


Lateral velocity has very backbone position in the railway vehicle wheelset dynamics as it usually becomes cause of derailment by sliding due to insufficient adhesion ratio. This impropriate balance is pretext owing to contamination and weather procures the disturbances. This perturbation makes hindrances in proper running of wheelset on track. To analyze the noise, Kalman filter is used based upon the railway dynamic modeling to estimate the actual signals to control the noise by measurement. Thus error percentage is also computed to detect the slippage by adhesion on applicable analysis of creep co-efficient.
The motion and velocity of Lateral and yaw analysis for railway vehicle wheelset is of great importance for the slip and sliding point of view. As usually hit has been observed that fatal accidents, destruction of railway vehicle with railway tracks and damage of costly lives happen due to improper control on the lateral and yaw railway dynamic system with chaos management as well as technical point of view. Since controllable estimated lateral velocity assures minimum wheel slide.

Graphical Abstract

Calculation of lateral velocity estimation and error discrimination for railway wheelset to avoid sliding


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