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2 Acharya Nagarjuna University, India


In this paper, we analyze the thermal radiation and chemical reaction impacts on MHD peristaltic motion of the Eyring-Powell fluid through a porous medium in a channel with compliant walls under slip conditions for velocity, temperature, and concentration. Assumptions of a long wave length and low Reynolds number are considered. The modeled equations are computed by using the perturbation method. The resulting non-linear system is solved for the stream function, velocity, temperature, concentration, skin-friction coefficient, heat transfer coefficient and mass transfer coefficient. The flow quantities are examined for various parameters. Temperature depresses with an enhancee in the radiation parameter, while the opposite effect is observed for the concentration. The fluid concentration enhances and depresses with generative and destructive chemical reaction respectively. The trapped bolus whose size diminishes as the Powel-Eyring parameter increases while it enhances as another Powell fluid parameter increases. The trapped bolus whose size rises when Darcy number enhances.

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MHD thermal radiation and chemical reaction effects with peristaltic transport of the eyring-powell fluid through a porous medium


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