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1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Assistant Professor, Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Rajampet, Andhra pradesh, India.

2 Professor & Dean R&D, Centurion University of Technology & Management, Parlakhemundi, Odisha, India

3 Professor & Director, Department of mechanical Engg., S.V. College of Engineering, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh


Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) is incredibly recognizable machining for ticklishness profiles in "difficult to machine" materials. In EDM, the material ejection of the cathode is cultivated through exact controlled electric pulse (the flash), which changes the metals of two terminals into dissolve and vaporize, and because of the breakdown of the dielectric medium. The most commonly used dielectric media are kerosene, paraffin, glycerin, transformer oil, EDM oil .all these are derived from petroleum. these dielectric media undergo pyrolysis and carbon soot formation is deposited on work electrode, and sometimes carbon precipitates into work. To overcome these effects vegetable oils are tried as alternate dielectric media. Pongamia Pinnetta is abundantly available in most of the countries, it's cheaper and non-edible. Pongamia Pinnata (PP) oil is extracting from plant seeds, and that is blended with EDM oil and several experimentations are done to find the suitability. Operational variables with respect to input and output parameters are identified. some of these are best EWR, MRR, TWR, and SR with applied current (I), pulse on time (Ton), and pulse off time (Toff) are which are picked as the input process factors, because for industrial application many machinists are choosing these three are the input parameters and other is constant and pick under specific requirements only. After successful completion of this experimentations, Pongamia Pinnata oil blends are fit for the industrial application using TECHNIQUE OF ORDER PREFERANCING WITH SIMILAR TO IDEAL SOLUTION [TOPSIS], It is observed that no carbon soot formation in the work component with PP oil as the dielectric.

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Experimental Investigation of EDM Process Parameters by Using Pongamia Pinnata Oil blends as Dielectric Medium


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[21] Bradshaw GB, Menly WC; US Patent 2360844 (1944).