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1 mechanical engineering Faculty of engineering and technology Annamalai University Chidambaram-608002 India

2 Proofessor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Pondicherry Engineering College, Puducherry 605 014 India


Heat dissipation in electronic circuits is important to maintain their reliability and functionality. In this work, microchannel based bio-inspired flow field models are proposed and numerically analyzed. The proposed flow fields have single to four inlet-outlet pairs. COMSOL is used to do the numerical analysis.  Conjugate heat transfer analysis is done on the quarter sectional models, utilizing bi-axial symmetry of the flow fields to reduce computational cost. Constant heat flux is applied to the base of the proposed heat sinks. The results show that the thermal and hydraulic resistances of the proposed models are lower than traditional micro-channel arrayed heat sinks. The four inlet-outlet pairs model shows a thermal resistance of 0.121 to 0.158 C/W at constant Re inlet condition, achieved with a pumping power of 0.102-0.126W.  Two and four inlet-outlet pair models with aspect ratio 8.6 have a thermal resistance of 0.069 and 0.067 C/W, for pumping powers 2.078 and 4.365 W respectively. The pressure drop of the proposed models is lower than the conventional microchannel arrays.

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Numerical analysis of microchannel based bio-inspired heat sinks with multiple inlet-outlet pairs for cooling square shaped circuits


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