Document Type : Research Paper


1 Mechanical Engineering Department, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT), Mazitar,Sikkim-737136, India

2 Mechanical Engineering Department, Aliah University Kolkata-700091, India


Correct selection of manufacturing condition is one of the most important aspects which should be considered in the majority of manufacturing processes,  particularly in the process related to advanced machining process like electrical discharge machining. In electrical discharge machining (EDM), dielectric fluid plays an important role since machining characteristics are greatly influenced by the nature or characteristics of employed dielectric. Moreover, adding various types of abrasives or salt in the fluid at different concentrations also affect the machining performance because of changing dielectric strength property. The present paper addressed the influence of NaNO3 mixed de-ionized water as a dielectric fluid on micro-hole machining performance criteria such as material removal rate (MRR), tool wear rate (TWR), overcut (OC) and taper during machining of D3 die steel plate.


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