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1 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, ShahidRajaee Teacher Training University, Tehran, Iran



In this study, hot metal gas forming process of AA6063aluminumtubeis studied with a focus on heat transfer of both fluid and solid phases numerically. An experimental study is simultaneously conducted to validate the numerical method. Some of the most important outputs of the present study, are velocity distribution of fluid inside the tube as well as the fluid in the gap between tube and matrices. As a result of non-homogenous distribution of temperature on tube surface, circulating flows are generated inside the tube which may have considerable effects on heat transfer phenomenon. It is seen that in 600 s after start, number of the circulating flows doubles. Analysis of temperature distribution reveals thatmiddle part of the tube reaches 500 ̊C after 600 s from process start and other parts have higher temperature. By applying an efficient control method for heater elements, temperature distribution of the tube reaches a homogenous form.

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Investigation of fluid flow and heat transfer in tube hot metal gas forming process


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